ALL-IN-ONE LoadNG Universal Status: ACTIVE!

Great news! 🌟 Say hello to your all-in-one new Universal Wallet!

Send as much Solana as you want to your all-in-one universal wallet address. The system will always recognize every coin you send, no worries!



NB: You now have just one all-in-one universal wallet above. You can send Solana to the wallet over and over again as many times as possible, it'll all reflect as a new transaction.

Your All-In-One Universal doesn't change again; it is now just one and can be used as many times as you like. Every new coin sent to your all-in-one universal wallet reflects as a new transaction and is automatically paid to your bank account.


We are currently purchasing at the rate of {{solanarate}}₦ with instant funding.

As soon as you send Solana to your LoadNG all-in-one universal wallet address, either by scanning the barcode or copying your wallet address, your {{userdata[0].mainaccno}}/{{userdata[0].mainaccbankname}} account will be credited after at least 1 confirmation, based on the current LoadNG rate. The withdrawal charge is free and will be automatically processed upon receiving the Solana (1 Conf.). Use the calculator below the QR code to determine your total at the current rate.

You also earn LoadNG cashback on every sale and referral.